Saturday, 13 October 2007

my answers to the coffeeswap questions

1. Whole bean or ground? whole would be lovely so much nicer when freshly ground but we don t have a grinder so ground please.

2. Fully-loaded or decaf? fully loaded! the more the better! (i have a 6 month old baby girl who doesn t sleep much...zzzzzz)

3. Regular or flavored? mmm...either is yummy.

4. How do you drink your coffee? i like a mug too. normally one that my husband has made. (he is a potter of thoughtfully made tableware.) although i love a proper china or porcelain cup and saucer but more often for tea.

5. Favorite coffee ever? my 11am cup. normally a latte...sometimes with a dash of vanilla or hazelnut syrup...or sometimes a mocha. again one that joe has made (he is also a barista) sitting on the sofa in our village coffee shop with my knitting and matilda sleeping peacefully in her buggy...i wish! brand? i m not fussy.

6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do? oh! think have just answered that sorry. well maybe i am? hmmm...not too strong. had a very nice cup of brew at a friends the other day who told me it had been through the digestive track of a cat! seriously! apparently it takes away the bitterness. seemed to work but don t fancy being the chap who has to harvest those beans. anyway am digressing. my pet hate is when the milk is burnt but that has nothing to do with beans.

7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee? actually anything! i like muffins a lot. fresh and cosy from the oven in the morning. maybe a scone or custard cream or carrot cake in the afternoon. and definately very dark chocolate in the evening with an espresso.

8. Anything else about your coffee preferences? i think i ve said enough.

9. Yarn/fiber you love? i love love love cashmere. of any kind! so delicious and decadent. also silk and alpaca are yummy too.

10. Yarn/fiber you hate? acrylic!

11. What's on your needles? a cashmere pompom beret in duck egg blue and chocolate for matilda. a skinny but long moss stitch scarf in a lovely new debbie bliss alpaca silk for me. and a breton stripe jumper for my tiniest nephew. none are near completion.

12. Favorite colors? red. of any shade is normally what i go for. but loving soft greys mustards and neutrals also. and likewise enjoying greeny blues and browns. oh! and also granny smith apple/cerlery green.

13. Allergies? nothing i can think of.

14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest? oh gosh...on the spot and mind has gone blank. there is nothing i can think of that i really really don t like. and so many things that i love. especially surprises!

i should be doing other things

oh my goodness! with the very exciting event of the coffeeswap three i have been nibbled by the blog bug and given in. whilst matilda (and joe and moose) snooze i have grabbed the odd minute to look at so many lovely pretty blogs and find it all so inspiring that i thought i would just jolly well join in! i am hoping this will be the incentive i need to get back to work and make gorgeous things to post on my blog. so here i am! my mind has gone blank!