Tuesday, 3 June 2008

happy anniversary us!

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary. It has been quite the lovely day - not as lovely as it was three years ago but that would be a particularly hard thing to beat. It is a Tuesday so I was doing my childminding bit and Joe took the day of shedreworking to hang out with me which was the best gift ever. We have celebrated by eating cake all day long and I cannot imagine a truly better past time. Apart from maybe eating cake and watching the first movie we went to see together (it is incredibly unromantic but entertaining so I dare not tell what it is - am a tiny bit embarrassed because I love it so much!) but that is what we are doing now.

Matilda has given us the best present ever by pretty much sleeping through the night. I never thought I would entertain 'controlled' crying or anything like it but 13months of sleeping in 2 hour stints has changed my mind. It has gone a lot better than imagined but certainly not without tears (mostly mine I have to say!). It does mean however that Joe and I are sleeping on the inflatable in the living room. Which reminds me of when we first bought our nest (4 years ago) and slept on the 'pump & jump' whilst we decorated. All lovely!

So camping out in the front room and feeling like a whole new person sleep wise has inspired me to crack on with plans for our ideal home. Whilst I lay here on this giant lilo I am dreaming of flush white walls, soft neutral carpets, painted furniture, vintage textiles, polished wooden floors, big bright windows, sliding doors, self cleaning bathroom, bucket fulls of built in storage and the cherry on the top...a laundry room! If it's a really good dream it is full of fresh smelling neatly folded clothes as well!

Thank you Joe for putting up with me and my constant nagging. kx