Saturday, 26 April 2008

Spring has Sprung

There is nothing like spring to give one a new lease of life.

Having just recovered from horrid baby feeding related illness and frankly never ever feeling as poorly as that in my life I feel as if I am waking up to a lovely fresh sunny sparkly world…with a very dusty house! Am full of vim and vigour and ready to tackle cleaning out the cupboards, digging the garden, painting the house, growing our vegetables, knitting, baking, finishing those graphics jobs, making all the antenatal babies birthday gifts, keeping on top of email correspondence, designing the much talked about extension, running my own business and of course updating my blog regularly with fascinating prose and yummy imagery all whilst looking after Matilda, Joe and our little nest, making sure all are happy, well fed, clean, entertained and content. I actually cannot see how I will fail.

I am not quite sure what has put such a spring in my step. Whether it really is the fields full of lovely lamblies or if in some wierd way my mind cannot let me body rest and is determined to make up for it now.

Hope I can keep up! Might just pop the kettle on and think on it some more….

Happy tulip arranging!

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