Monday, 14 April 2008

where do the days go?

i actually have no idea what i did with my time before matilda came into our lives! tilly is almost one whole year old and i have no idea where that time has gone. i am pretty sure that i must have sat around a lot. although all that sitting around was spent wisely (knitting, designing and taking tea) i do feel a certain smugness now that i can juggle baby, washing, cooking and still present a yummy afternoon tea (admittedly not so much home baked as in days gone by but sponsored by the coop who do a jolly good lemon cup cake.)

since a tiny girl all i ever wanted to do was be a mummy and run a house and even though my days are filled with care giving and housewifery i have to confess to missing a little something. there are moments of the day - usually when miss tilly has worked herself into raisin and rice cake frenzy only to pass out in her pram - that i feel a huge urge to make. anything. anything at all. ceramics, paper, yarn, digital, textiles. anything. i am filled with a tremendous desire to create. so i arrange my environment (let moose out, do the dishes, put a load of washing on, make a milky coffee) sit down ready for urge to manifest itself as something gorgeous only for it to frankly disappoint me!

this in itself is nothing new. i have always preferred what soandso has made to my own efforts and that s okay. but that s not so much the disappointing never gets a chance to properly disappoint because it never gets finished!

so with that in mind from now on i am making a conscious effort to finish what i start!

my best waste of time

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